Before the command is executed however, a prompt appears on the KDU asking the operator to enter the number of labels to print. Each of these formats can be modified with Hotline with data strings up to characters in length. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Selecting a slower print speed can improve theappearance of lines and text on some labelstocks. All Eltron printers come standard with K of memory, sufficient for a 4″x 5″ label with graphics and bar codes. Host 9-Pin If the printer has a parallel connector, use a parallel cable and one of the LPT parallel connectors on the computer.

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The Eltron printers, by default, are set to baud, 8 bits, no parity. Whenever new labels are loaded into theprinter, the print head should be cleaned witha Cleaning Card.

Open the CAL Tools program and create the desired label. Insert the memory cartridge with the label sidefacing the label roll holder. The PC is then disconnected from the system. Accessories Eltron gladly accepts Mastercard and Visa.

Eltron LP Manuals

Modify the string as follows: In this example, use serial port 1 to send data. Loading Labels or Tags. Paper Label Size Before creating a label, the paper size for thecurrently loaded labels must be selected in thecontrol panel. If any items are missing, contact your dealer forreplacement parts. Remove the three screws that secure themechanism to the base and the screw thatsecures the ground wire. Windows Printer DriverPaper Quality, The print speed can be adjusted to compensatePrint Speed for manufacturing differences in label stock.


The label files are then downloaded from the PC to an Eltron printer for permanent storage. Due to manufacturingdifferences in label stock, the sensor may havedifficulty discriminating the difference betweenlabels and the carrier. When the PKSS sends its label data to the printer, the code calling for the graphic is embedded, alerting the Eltron printer to place the required graphic on the label. Page 25 OperationAutoSense Your printer is equipped with a sensor capableGap Sensor of detecting the gap between labels while theyAdjustment are being printed.

Figure Loading LabelsTop FeedIf loading tags, place the roll in the top cover sothat the end feeds from the bottom as shownin Lp-202 The adhesive comes l-2042 contact with the printhead or the mechanism and the label peels offthe liner. Choose ADD; add text, box, line, bar code, picture, or paragraph items to label. The example at the bottom of the page shows the Net format. Disconnect the PC and connect the scale indicator to the printer with an RS cable. Graphics created are stored as Form 7, 8, or 9 8 none Interface Chart: Once created and eptron, the labels are downloaded to the printer and permanently stored there in memory.


Check this area first beforeHead checking the remainder of the print mechanism.

AC Power Adapter Cord – Zebra Printer: LP, LP, TLP – Thermal Printer Outlet

This configuration change can be done using the CAL Tools program. Press the four rubberfeet into the screw holes.

Do a directory search for the. Lower the head down so thatthe ends of the rod drop into the slots on thesides of the carriage.

Eltron LP2042 Manuals

OperationAutoSense Your printer is equipped with a sensor capableGap Sensor of detecting the gap between labels while theyAdjustment are being printed.

Large labels with graphics and bar codes require significant pp-2042 and can be slow to download in serial transfer format. Place the spindle inside theroll of labels or tags. Replace the top cover and secure with the fourscrews removed earlier. Replace the battery by liftingthe battery retaining clip up and inserting thenew battery in with the printed side up.

Follow the installation instructions on thescreen to install the software. EJF file is shown at right.

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